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Reopening of the London Aquatics Centre April 2021
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Lessons and Courses

Junior Diving Lessons

As long as your child is able to swim competently in deep water, then they can start to learn to dive as young as five years old.

The programme is broken down in to the following levels:

Junior Diving Beginners

Foundation: Our entry level for those first time divers. Here you will learn the basics of diving from poolside

Beginner: Building on what you have learnt at foundation level,
beginner will teach you new skills with the introduction of diving boards

Improver: At this level you will progress to more advanced diving techniques on higher boards

Advanced: Here you will learn to master some of the most challenging diving skills

Skills: Take the time to perfect your technique and step out of your comfort zone to mater new skills

Click here to see further details of the outcomes of each course level.


Tom Daley 'Splash Down' Holiday Camps: To make sure all children have the chance to give diving a go, we have designed our 'Splash Down' Holiday Camps to teach the diving basics in a fun, safe and supportive environment.



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