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Off-peak memberships are exclusively available to residents who receive benefits, senior citizens and full-time students, and allow discounted access to a number of activities.

Better Health and Fitness benefits

  • Inclusive off-peak access to the gym, group exercise classes, swimming
  • Inclusive personalised fitness induction and personal exercise programme (off-peak)
  • Up to 6 days advanced telephone or online booking
  • Up to 30% off non-member prices for any other activities
  • Access to courses and other member only activities and facilities, online membership and self administration
  • Above benefits available at all Better centres within your chosen area
  • No minimum contract, no joining fee.
  • Membership is £22.50 per month plus £25 joining fee. 


Are you eligible?

If you receive any of the following, you are potentially eligible, please bring the suggested proof of ID;

Carers allowance

  • Proof via council letter head (less than £95pw earnings)
  • Signed agreement on council letterhead from council leisure department

Housing Benefit

  • Current Housing Benefit entitlement letter

Income Support

  • Giro Cheque
  • Current entitlement letter
  • Bank statement showing payment

Job Seekers Allowance

  • JSA card
  • Current entitlement letter


  • Current entitlement letter
  • Freedom Pass

Full Time Student – Further Education (15+ hours) (living or studying in borough)

  • Current enrolment letter or NUS card
  • Or letter from College or University

Working Families Tax Credit (eligibility threshold is annual household earnings of £16,000 or less)

  • Letter from Inland Revenue, with a breakdown of benefit received


  • Proof of date of birth
  • Freedom Bus Pass.


How do I apply?

Speak to a member of staff at your local centre

contact us



* Terms and conditions apply, proof of eligibility is required when joining. All activities and facilities are subject to programme changes and availability.