Return of Adult Swimming Lessons

After 15 months we are thrilled to be welcoming back our adult swimming lessons in a brand new format!

You may all remember our Swim Doctor sessions which ran alongside our previous adult lessons. Swim Doctor is now Better’s adult swimming programme for all your swimming needs. Whether you want to learn to swim, improve your technique, fitness or train for an event, our Swim Doctors will help you make the most of your time in the pool in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Sessions are free of charge to Better Health UK Members and there is a minimal charge of £3 for Swim UK and centre only members. Alternatively, you can Pay As You Go for £10 per session. Bookable via the BetterUK App or head to Book Swimming on our home page to select your session. You can book as many sessions as you like per week. 

Feeling commited to one lesson per week? You also have the option to sign up for a monthly lesson membership, which gurantees you a lesson every week on your chosen day/ time. This option is only available for Swim Doctor - Learn. For more information please click here. 

Swim Doctor group class - LEARN - 25m Training Pool 

An adult swimming class for learners and improvers. Whether you are getting in for the first time or refreshing and improving your swimming skills, come and learn with our resident Swim Doctors.

Swim Doctor group class - TRAIN - 50m Competition Pool

An adult swimming fitness class focused on fitness and technique. Whether you are training for an event or wanting to improve your everyday swimming technique come and train with our resident Swim Doctors.


Of all the life skills worth learning, swimming is right up there as being one of the most enjoyable.

Here at the London Aquatic Centre we know how easy and fun it can be once you get started. It’s a great form of exercise for your physical and mental wellbeing. Just think of all the new water sports you could take part in also. With this new skill it could save your life, it could also unlock a new career opportunities from swimming teacher to flight attendant. Or could simply mean some more quality time with your family in the pool!

So whether you want to keep you and your family safe, switch careers, raise your heart rate, or just reward yourself with some ‘me time’, swimming could be just the thing for you.

Do your life a favour and book some lessons with us. Check out the website here for more information.