Head Coach - Sam Buck

We are pleased to announce that a new Head Coach has been appointed to Dive London Aquatics Club and the London Aquatics Centre's diving programme, Sam Buck.

Many of you will be familiar with Sam, who has a wealth of knowledge to bring to the role. He has been at the Dive London Aquatics Club and London Aquatics Centre since 2017, when he initially took up the post of Diving Development Officer.

Sam brings years of experience as a Head Coach, having held the role at Cambridge Diving Team and Luton Diving Club before joining the DLAC family in 2017. Having been a GB international gymnast in his youth, Sam knows only too well the amount of work and dedication required to train at an elite level. Sam is an Institute of Swimming accredited tutor for Diving Coaching education and courses and hopes to continue to use this knowledge and experience to support the clubs' continued growth. He is regularly selected to be part of the coaching team for Swim England Diving and British Diving talent programme events, supporting various training camps and competitions.

Over recent years, Sam has continued to excel as a coach while helping to nurture the growth and success of his athletes as well as that of the coaches and others across the Dive London Aquatic Club and the London Aquatics Centre diving programmes.

On the appointment of Sam as Head Coach, Russ Barnes, Dive London Aquatics Club Chairman and GLL Partnership Manager, said:

"We are so pleased to be able to announce the appointment of Sam as the new Head Coach of both Dive London Aquatics Club and the London Aquatics Centre diving programmes. Sam has been an integral part of the Club and Aquatics Centre diving programmes for the last five years, helping to support the successful growth and development of both.
On behalf of the Dive London Aquatics Club Committee and GLL management team, I would like to wish Sam the very best in his new role in which I am sure he will continue to excel."

We asked Sam about his appointment as Head Coach and he explained how he is "looking forward to building on the existing programme and adding to the diving family". He plans to create "new pathways for divers and coaches to achieve their full potential, with success at every level".

We sincerely hope that this news finds you well and that you will join us in congratulating Sam on his appointment.