Tokyo 2020

Today has seen the London Aquatics Centre celebrate the Olympic success for Tom Daley and Matty Lee who won gold for Team GB in the 10m synchronized event.

The London Aquatics Centre is honoured to be the home base for both Tom and Matty's full time training. 

Having been a part of their build up to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics we got to witness first hand the commitment, dedication and hard work both divers put into their training and we could not be prouder of them both and the result they have achieved. It is an absolute pleasure to work so close with Team GB and all the divers who train at the centre. 

Working in partnership with Tom we have our very own Tom Daley Diving Academy which is the perfect starting point for any adventurous person looking to follow in the fantastic duo's footsteps. Not only is this open for children, but we also offer lessons for adults looking to start something new. 

With such fantastic facilties and role models to look up to, why not try yourself on the boards. 

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