Here is everything you need to know about the return of our swimming lessons and diving lessons. 

We’re so excited to start welcoming pupils back to Swim School & Dive School! As your safety is of upmost importance to us, we have made a number of changes in line with Government and National Governing Body guidance, along with enhanced hygiene measures, to ensure your visits are as safe as possible.

Unfortunately there are some types of lessons that are unable to return yet. Such as baby, pre school and adult swimming lessons.

We have also been working hard whilst we have been closed to make some additional exciting changes to how our lessons are delivered and the way our classes are structured. These changes allow for our lessons to be as fun and more progressive than ever before and your journey with us far easier.

Diving Classes:

We have removed a number of classes, please ensure you check your home portal or visit us within the venue to check class times and make any changes you need.

Swimming Classes: 

A new delivery model that ensures our lessons are safe, progressive and fun for all children taking part. A reduced number of different classes, pupils will be ability grouped and taught by a team of teachers to ensure progression whilst making your journey with us far simpler. Pupils achieving awards won’t mean having to change times or days on a regular basis!




Previously known as:
Stage 1, 2, 3
Previously known as:
Stage 4, 5, 6, 7
Previously known as:
Stage 8, 9, 10

Teaching pupils the essential swimming skills to ensure they learn to be safe in and around water. Learning the basic techniques for all 4 strokes, achieving 10metre on Front Crawl and Backstroke by the end of their Green milestones.

Ability Groups: 
Red, Amber and Green

Teaching pupils advanced swimming skills, developing their techniques on all 4 strokes to create efficient and effective swimmers. Lessons focus on a wide range of skills across all aquatic sports. Pupils will learn basic water survival and rescue skills as part of the milestone awards. Here we will also work with other partner clubs to assess each pupils ability to progress in talent pathways.

Ability Groups:
Bronze, Silver and Gold

Supporting and developing your child to achieve their own person goals in the pool. Setting personal targets related to challenge award in fitness swimming, personal survival and junior lifesaving and other aquatic sports. Here we will continue to  work with other partner clubs to assess each pupils ability to progress in talent pathways should they choose to.

Ability Groups:
Talent Lanes

How do I get onto the home portal?


How do I book a new class?


What else do you need to know?

  • please arrive pool ready where possible, there is no cubicles available
  • there is no lockers available, bags can be taken to poolside
  • follow the one way directions at all times around the venue
  • if you are not participating in an activity please wear a mask at all times
  • please arrive 10 minutes before your lesson start time/ entry will not be permitted after the lesson start time

We are really looking forward to seeing all our members new and old back to the venue as soon as you feel ready!

If you need assistance with your memberships please visit the venue, please note we cannot do bookings from within the venue this is all online.

Thank You 

London Aquatics Centre