Aqua Splash

Aqua Splash

Take on our inflatable obstacle course laid out on the iconic Olympic swimming pool for a day of splashtastic family fun on the water. 

Designed for adults and children 8+ who are competent swimmers, Aqua Splash is a perfect day out for the whole family. It includes challenging obstacles, slides and plenty of pool space to ensure a fun filled day for all!

Session Availability & Tickets
Aqua Splash regularly runs on weekends and during school holiday periods. When available, our sessions will be bookable online for the following time slots:
  • 11:00-12:00
  • 12.30-13.30
  • 14:00-15:00
  • Adult - £11.00
  • Junior - £8.00
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Aqua Splash safety rules

  • All under 16’s and any weak swimmers are to wear a lifejacket.
  • Wristbands are to be worn throughout the session.
  • Follow all lifeguard instructions, failure to do so could mean we remove you from the session.
  • No goggles are allowed to be worn during the session.
  • Start only when instructed to do so by the lifeguard.
  • No queuing is permitted in the pool.
  • You can only move forwards on the inflatable, no going backwards.
  • Only 1 person is allowed to go down the slide at a time.
  • Go down the slide feet first only.
  • Swim forwards once at the bottom of the slide.
  • Don’t swim in front of the slides when exiting.
  • If you fall off the inflatable, swim down to the far end exit. No climbing back on the
  • Inflatable is permitted.
  • No diving off the inflatable.
  • No swimming underneath the inflatable.
  • Jump feet first only.
  • No bouncing, pushing or shoving others on the inflatable
  • Be aware of younger participants. 
Better swim safety rules can be found here.

London Aquatic Centre specific swim safety rules can be found here.

Birthday parties

Did you know we also offer Aqua Splash party packages? Check out our Birthday Parties page to find out more.
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