Dive London Aquatics Club

Working in partnership with British Diving, the Dive London Aquatics Club is well established as the premier diving club in the United Kingdom. Producing gold medal performances from divers such as Tom Daley, Matty Lee, Andrea Spendolini-Sirieix, Grace Reid and Kyle Kothari at Olympic, World and Commonwealth competitions. 

Dive London Aquatics Club offers a pathway for those progressing through the Tom Daley Diving Academy programme at London Aquatics Centre as well as divers identified through the talent ID programme. 

Talent ID

Dive London Aquatics Club is actively seeking talented youngsters who have the right attitude and physical abilities to pursue a successful sporting career in diving. As part of the the talent ID search we are looking for the following:

  • Physical 
    • Flexibility: good toe point, good pike shape, splits, flexible shoulders and achilles
    • Strength: strong core, arms and legs
    • Skill-based: vertical jump height, competent headstand and handstand as well as coordination and control

  • Mental 
    • Awareness: attention to detail and form
    • Attitude: willing to make corrections and to take on feedback
    • Bravery: the willingness to try new skills and step outside of your comfort zone

We are actively seeking talented youngsters who meet our standards to pursue a successful sporting career in diving. Children with a background in competitive gymnastics, tumbling, trampolining or dance often possess the traits to make successful competitive divers.

If you feel your child meets this criteria then please email us at diving@gll.org with details of their sporting background and age. Children will then be booked into trial sessions and those who are successful will be hand-picked by the Dive London Aquatics Club coaching team.

Diving Community

Dive London Aquatics Club is an official Swim England talent development centre. Our vision is to be a hub for the diving community supporting athletes and coaches from London and the wider regions. We provide the opportunity for existing club divers and coaches to access our 10 meter diving facility and specialist coaching. 

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