Safety Rules

Swim Safety Rules

The iconic London Aquatics Centre is like swimming in no other pool in the world. After hosting the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic games, the world-class venue is open for you to use.

We have three pools for use by the general public, clubs and professionals; for hire as an event space or for filming opportunities.

The Competition pool is the largest at 50m long and 3m deep, set out into 10 single lanes for fitness and competitions. Our Training pool is also 50m, however with it’s movable boom, it can be split into two 25m pools and the movable floor set at a much shallower depth, depending on the session taking place; it’s appropriate for swimmers of all levels. Our Diving pool is a 25m space with a moveable floor, which can be set anywhere between ground level and 5m deep.

Each of our pools is guarded by certified lifeguards, maintained at the highest standard of cleanliness, and accessible directly from the changing rooms.

Before visiting, please ensure you are familiar with our pool safety rules. Scroll down to read in full. 

As well as offering a public swimming timetable our range of community-tailored swimming sessions, programmes and lessons can be booked alongside varying membership options covering all of our pools. 

Please see our pool programme below or visit the booking page/app to see specific session times. 

You can either become a member or pay for one-off swim sessions. Children aged under three years are able to swim for free. Swim safety rules apply.

50m Competition Pool Sessions:
  • Swim For Fitness 50m - 11 years and over 
  • Swim For Fitness 50m - 5 lanes open will be the minimum number of lanes available in these sessions due to the nature of the venue.
  • Swim Doctor - Train sessions 16+
  • Aqua Splash - 8 years and over

Training Pool Sessions:
  • Swim For All - open to all ages 
  • Swim For Fitness 25m - 11 years and over 
  • Women only 
  • Disability session - Currently unavailable 
  • Better Swim School 
  • Swim Doctor - Learn 16+

Diving Pool Sessions:
  • Tom Daley Diving Academy
  • Dive London 
  • Dive for all - Currently unavailable 

Swim Safety Rules 

Due to the nature of the facilities at the London Aquatics Centre we would like to make you aware of the specific safety rules in place at this venue.

Competition Pool
  • No Under 11's or Non-Swimmers are allowed in the Competition Pool.
  • 3m deep pool
  • You must be able to swim 100 metres of a recognised stroke to swim in the Competition pool.
  • Sessions are for a maximum of 60 minutes in duration.
Training Pool
  • Under 8’s and non swimmers 9-16 must be accompanied in the water by a competent adult swimmer
  • No more than two under 8’s or non swimmers 9-16 to each competent adult swimmer
  • The competent adult swimmer must actively supervise under 8’s and non swimmers 9-16
  • Under 8’s and all non swimmers must remain in shallow water
  • We strongly recommend under 8’s and all non swimmers use armbands and/or an appropriate buoyancy aid

Advice to adult non swimmers

It is recommended that non swimmers over the age of 16 are accompanied in the water by a competent adult swimmer.

Thank you for your co-operation and enjoy your swim!