London Aquatics Centre in the spotlight in Netflix’s documentary Black Strokes

Dive into a world of inspiring stories as London Aquatics Centre becomes the stunning backdrop for one of the standout films from Netflix's Documentary Talent Fund – "Black Stroke" by filmmaker Olivia Smart. It’s incredible to see stories of resilience, fear and human connection unfold in an iconic venue famous for incredible aquatic performances at London 2012 Games. 

"Black Stroke" showcases exceptional talent from the UK and Ireland, reflecting Netflix's commitment to diverse storytelling. The film delves into the deep fear of drowning, following three individuals as they confront their anxieties. London Aquatics Centre, with its first-class facilities, adds a visually striking touch to the stories, creating an immersive experience for audiences.

As Netflix releases this compelling documentary along with four others from the Documentary Talent Fund, we celebrate these unique  voices and perspectives. At the core of this effort is supporting new filmmakers, and Netflix is proud to offer not just financial help but a comprehensive package of resources and support. With £30,000 in funding, filmmakers like Olivia Smart can bring their unique visions to life, contributing to the diversity of storytelling in the industry.

Five documentaries, including "Black Stroke," are now available for streaming on Netflix Still Watching YouTube Channel, with a dedicated audience of 6.3 million subscribers. By giving a global platform to these stories, Netflix continues to support emerging voices, ensuring that lesser-heard narratives find a place in the hearts of audiences worldwide.

London Aquatics Centre stands not only as a hub for sporting excellence but also as a symbol of cinematic storytelling, where the human experience takes centre stage.

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