Say goodbye to plastic waste and hello to sustainable refreshments

Have you spotted the Ooho Vending Machine that’s just arrived at London Aquatics Centre? Keep your eyes peeled next time you’re visiting us - say hello to Ooho!

We’re excited to welcome the Ooho vending machine created by Notpla who are taking significant strides in the battle against plastic waste. Notpla, which stands for "not plastic," gained international acclaim last year when it received the esteemed Build A Waste-Free World award for its groundbreaking approach to packaging. 

The company's flagship product, Ooho, represents an edible packaging solution designed to replace single-use plastic bottles and cups.

Harnessing the power of seaweed extracts, Ooho envelops liquids within flexible and biodegradable ingredients, eliminating the need for conventional plastic packaging.

Visitors at London Aquatics Centre can now try out this extraordinary and sustainable refreshment option!

Next time you’re in, get your hands on Ooho and let us know what you think!