Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes

Discover our comprehensive fitness class timetable designed to meet your every need. From calorie-blasting group cycle sessions to intense circuit training classes and rejuvenating yoga sessions, we have something for everyone. Explore our full list of classes and find the perfect workout tailored to your fitness goals.

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Aqua Aerobics

Best for: Mobility and stress relief.
Lapping the pool is not the only way to get a workout in the water. Why not try something new with our water workouts. Combining aqua aerobics with strength and conditioning moves, a workout in the water will get your heart pumping without putting pressure on joints.
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Circuit Training

Good for: Strength, stamina and endurance.
Push your workout to the next level with high intensity circuit training. Circuit routines provide a rigorous, all-body workout as you tackle a sequence of physical challenges designed to get you fitter and stronger.
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Group Cycle

Best for: Lower body strength and conditioning.
Pedal your way fit. Cycle along with the group in one of our themed classes to uplifting music, or focus on achieving your goals in one of our discipline based classes.
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Best for: Gaining peace of mind, improving overall strength and wellbeing.                                                      
Embrace the flow of natural body movements to develop strength, flexibility and a peaceful state of mind. From energetic routines to slow, serene sequences, Yoga classes balance movement and meditation to help you feel better inside and out. 
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