Achieve your fitness goals in our spacious gym equipped with modern Technogym equipment. The gym's layout incorporates four zones - cardio, resistance, strength, and functional with a dedicated stretching area, offering a diverse array of machines and training gear tailored to meet all your fitness needs. Our gym equipment also includes interactive screens for you to watch TV, listen to music or browse the internet. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the venue.

We’re proud to say our gym is fully inclusive and we provide equipment such as hand bikes and cable machines, providing an accessible gym environment.

Gym opening times:

Days: Times:
Monday - Friday 6pm - 10pm
Saturday - Sunday 6pm - 5pm

Cardiovascular Zone

Whether your goal is to boost your health and fitness levels with a heart racing workout, or to engage in calorie burning exercises, our cardio zone stands ready. With a wide variety of cardiovascular machines — treadmills, cross-trainers, rowers, bikes, and more, we're all set to help you achieve all your health and fitness goals.

Resistance Zone

Our resistance training area boasts a selection of high-quality Technogym machines, including the plate-loaded Hammer Strength range. From shoulder press, chest press, lat pulldown and low row to leg extension, leg curl, leg press, and more, we're well prepared to support your resistance training journey.

Strength Zone

Enhance your strength and muscle building with our diverse free weights equipment. With everything from squat racks, bench presses, and preacher curls to benches, barbells and a wide range of dumbbells, we're ready to cater to all your fitness aspirations.

Functional Zone and Stretching Area

If you're passionate about functional training to aid everyday movements and improve your fitness levels, our dedicated functional area is your go-to place. Complete with sandbags, balance balls, kettlebells, spin bikes and skill mill machines, it's well prepared to take your workout to new heights. Additionally, the area offers dedicated mats for ab workouts or stretching and foam rollers for post workout recovery.